Taster: air steps on the beach

Not so eager to jump into the Baltic Sea during your stay in Gdańsk? Perhaps some jumping above the ground sounds more appealing?
With the help of Kasia Choma and Robert Torbiczuk, you’ll have the chance to get lifted off the ground surrounded by the beautiful nature of polish seaside.

Kasia began her dance adventure at 10 years old. From the very start her heart belonged to Boogie Woogie, where she’s won multiple runner-up and champion titles in Poland, as well as high placements in the Polish Cup. She’s been practicing other dance techniques, too, like modern jazz. Kasia is an energetic, cheerful girl, who spreads positive energy to everyone she meets.

Robert met his first swing love 8 years ago. Boogie Woogie, because that’s what we’re talking about, changed his life. Dynamic piano pieces would give him energy for hard work. There was not a lot of waiting for effects. Robert has made it multiple times to the finals of the Polish Boogie Woogie Championship and the Polish Cup, he also took part in the World Cup. At one of the many workshops, he was introduced to Lindy Hop and that’s what he devoted himself to completely. In dancing, his number one rule is: “Success is 1% talent, 99% hard work.”