Taster with Maria Kostrzewska & Paweł Struk

For all of you wanting to wake up properly after the intense Friday night — get ready to lift your spirits with some raw inspiration from Maria and Paweł. They will be waiting for you right at the beginning of the Saturday Tea Party.
Be there or be square!

The partnership of Maria and Paweł began around half a year ago, when they both helped to kick off the Lindy Hop scene in a small polish town called Malbork. Since then they’ve put a lot of time and effort into developing their dancing, deepening their knowledge and learning from the best.

Even though their dancing past is completely different, they share the same love and appreciation for pure, oldschool Lindy Hop. Keeping their rhythms on point and approaching the historical part of the dance with a lot of respect are their priorities. It may all sound a bit stiff, but worry not, you will find a fair deal of rawness and authenticity in their classes. We are going to dance the world’s most joyful dance after all!